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Welcome back to another episode of the 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast!

In this episode, we’re reviewing 617, a hazy IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing Company in Woburn, Massachusetts. This is a very special episode, as it is the first episode that we are recording together, in person!

We thought now would be a good time to share with you all more about the story of us, our friendship, our experience as content creators, and how this craft beer podcast came to be.

Plus, tune in for details on how you can earn free beer by doing your taxes and learn about a beer flood of 323,000 of gallons of porter. Also, are robot bars the future?

So grab a drink, sit back, and let’s talk about beer!

Episode Highlights

  • TS 03:50 – A Brief History of Hazy IPAs
  • TS 10:22 – The Story of Starting The 512 Craft Beer Podcast
  • TS 16:05 – How Melanie Got Into Craft Beer and Why She Started @GreatGoldenWeenie
  • TS 19:05 – The Background of Caitlin’s Blog, Big World, Small Girl
  • TS 22:36 – The Story of Caitlin and Melanie
  • TS 26:19 – How to Get Free Beer Just By Doing Your Taxes
  • TS 30:32 – Robots Are Now Pouring Beer in Spain
  • TS 38:35 – The Unbelievable Story of the London Beer Flood

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