Welcome back to another episode of the 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast!

This episode is all about fruit! Well, more specifically fruited beers. What they are, how they are made and our favorite fruit beers to drink.

Which is why we’re reviewing Pinthouse Pizza’s Fresh Element, a strawberry-lemonade inspired Berliner Weisse.

fruit beers pinthouse

We’ll chat about Pinthouse, one of Austin’s most popular breweries, their delightful pizza rolls, and misconceptions around fruited beers.

Plus learn of a special Untapped collaboration and how eight breweries are coming together to support an entire state’s craft beer association. You’ll definitely want to stick around this episode and get fruity with us.

So grab a drink, sit back, and let’s talk about beer!

Episode Highlights

  • TS 00:47 – Crackin’ Her Open
  • TS 05:32 – Our Favorite Fruits in Fruited Beers
  • TS 09:13 – About the Beermaker
  • TS 16:40 – Our Final Review on Fresh Element Fruited Berliner Weisse
  • TS 17:35 – Debating Our Favorite Pinthouse Pizza Location
  • TS 20:32 – What is Fruit Beer? The History of Adding Fruit to Beer
  • TS 22:35 – How Do They Add Fruit to Beer? The Art of Pairing Fruit with Beer Styles
  • TS 26:55 – Debunking the Biggest Misconception About Fruit Beers
  • TS 30:23 – Why Does Randy Mosher Think the Origins of Fruit Beers are Chick Beers???
  • TS 37:37 – The Best Fruit Beers You Should Be Drinking
  • TS 43:06 – It’s Time for the [Beer] News!
  • TS 47:44 – Are Peas a Fruit? Or a Bean?

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