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Welcome back to another episode of the 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast!

In this episode, we’re reviewing Lassiez Faire Brett Ale from one of our favorite destination breweries just a quick drive from Austin, Vista Brewing.

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Get ready for an exciting episode covering some of our favorite farm breweries and destination breweries. We’ll give you the inspiration you need to get out of your house for a socially-distanced brewery day.

Plus we’re also keeping y’all up to date on some exciting brewery farm projects around town, and chatting about hop farms from one of our home towns!

So grab a drink, sit back, and let’s talk about some beer!

Episode Highlights

  • TS 08:29 About The Beer Makers: Vista Brewing
  • TS 13:08 What is a Destination Brewery? (And Why Do We Love Them SO Much??)
  • TS 16:07 Details on Jester King’s New Park-Style Amenities
  • TS 19:28 Vista Brewing: A Closer Look
  • TS 23:57 This Popular Austin Brewery is Opening Their Own Destination Brewery Later This Year
  • TS 28:00 Caitlin Shares Experiences From Her Destination-Brewery-Rich Home State of Virginia.
  • TS 35:10 The Feelgood Mission Behind Busch Light’s Special Edition “Corn” Cans
  • TS 38:47 Thoughts on the Second Impact Survey from Brewer’s Association Revealing Breweries are ‘Slightly More Optimistic’
  • TS 42:34 Archaeologists in Leeds Unearth 600 Lead-Spiked, 19th-Century Beer Bottles

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